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Korea takes up the Superior General’s Challenge

May 31, 2021

When Fr. Tomaž Mavrič, CM, Superior General, visited Korea in 2019, he introduced the 13 Houses Campaign and encouraged the Vincentian Family in Korea to work for its success. After his visit, the Vincentian Family Council, Korea invited the branches of the Vincentian Family to take up this project but due to the coronavirus 19 pandemic, the members were not able to actively participate.

In 2020, the Vincentian Family Council had a meeting and invited the Daughters of Charity of St. Louise’s Sanctuary who take care of women migrants, victims of domestic violence, to share about their mission. These women are in an extremely difficult situation which was aggravated by the pandemic since they live within the walls of the Sanctuary and cannot go out to work. Moreover, after reaching the maximum number of 2 years of stay in the Sanctuary, they must leave and look for a place and sustain themselves. One of them, a woman with her baby, was in this situation.

This lady and her baby have had to leave the Sanctuary but the Sisters, seeing that this mother and child did not have any financial means, facilitated the process so that they became the recipients of the first of the 13 Houses. The Sisters took it a step further and helped her find a job! Now, she is working while the baby is in a day care center. She provides for the living expenses like food, water, electricity, cell phone fee, etc.; the Sisters also helped her get a government subsidy for the expenses in the day care center. Today, we can say that she is “conscious of her own dignity and an agent of promotion of her own life” (cf. C.24e). Thanks be to GOD and thanks to our Vincentian Family!