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They followed Jesus: Sending on Mission

July 31, 2022

The decoration at the foot of the altar in the Chapel on the morning of 11 July reminded us of the call of the first disciples: “Leaving everything, they followed Jesus!”

This same call still resounds today as we sang the Entrance hymn!

Christ calls us today;

Christ sends us today!

Praise the Lord who loves us,

God who gives us His joy!

Called to be “ad gentes” missionaries, Sr. Anna and Sr. Martha are above all disciples of Jesus who they have served in their brothers and sisters living in poverty situations in their respective Provinces. The step they are taking in faith is signified specially by the Missionary Cross, given after the proclamation of the Gospel. Blessed by Fr. Bernard, Sr. Françoise handed it to them while affirming that they were being sent by the Company. Very fraternally, Sr. Françoise then turned to us and presented our two Sisters! Our warm applause expressed our joy at the start of their journey and our commitment to support them especially by our prayer!

The first intention during the Prayers of the Faithful led by Sister Theresa, General Councillor, was for the Church and, on the feast of St Benedict, co-patron of Europe, we asked for the grace that our leaders be artisans of true peace and justice. We prayed too for those who were alone and experiencing the pain of being abandoned during this vacation period. We also renewed our commitment to care for our common home in solidarity with so many innocent victims of global warming. We gave thanks for the generous gift of our Sisters’ families and their Provinces of origin as well as for those that will welcome them.

For the Offertory procession, we praised God to an African rhythm.

Everything comes from God, everything is for God.

Let us approach His altar with gratitude.

For the gifts received from Him:

The candle: Jesus our Light, those who follow Him does not walk in darkness

The Bible: God’s Words are spirit and life

The Inter-Assemblies Document and the renewed desire to live the commitments made

The globe and the poor persons who await us throughout the world

The bread and wine: the slain Lamb who gives Himself as food.

After Communion, the Sisters from Vietnam showed the presence of Asia in a song of thanksgiving.

For the Final Song, we contemplated Mary:

Mary, witness of hope;

For the Lord you were raised up, in the midst of the people of the Covenant

You beckon me to go forward,

Always further, always beyond!

The sending on mission “ad gentes” is always, for us, a deeply touching moment and a time of grace: a reminder of our missionary vocation, wherever it is to be lived!

Sr. Rosa Maria and Sr. Maité