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With courage and missionary audacity: a response to COVID-19 pandemic

June 6, 2020

The Sisters in the Province of Nigeria (serving in Burkina Faso, Ghana and Nigeria) have participated in various ways in the struggle against the Corona virus disease.These include:

  • Awareness campaigns on the prevention of the Corona virus infection through practical demonstration
  • Purchase and distribution of food stuff to those who are poor
  • Purchase of materials and production of face masks for poor households and health workers to help protect them
  • Production of and distribution of hand sanitizers to households and hospitals
  • Distribution of World Health Organization’s precautionary and safety measures flyers
  • Purchase and distribution of rubber taps to some households who have no running water; demonstrated how to use them for frequent washing of hands
  • As the Sisters went about creating awareness, they discovered that besides the fears and anxiety that this virus has brought to humanity, there is also so much hunger in the land; they came face to face with people who are hungry for food and this has led them to advocate to the government for food for the people. The response from the government is minimal but we are not giving up.
  • Cooking of food and feeding those in the streets: the mentally ill, homeless, street children, beggars, etc.

We see this time as a great opportunity God has given us to search out for the most abandoned in their homes with courage and missionary audacity. This period of identifying with the poor and the vulnerable has helped us to reflect more and appreciate God’s love for us. It is a great joy to serve them. Some Sisters go out to share food to people in the streets, some bring it to a number of households in poor areas but always with protective measures based on the guidelines from the World Health Organization and the Federal Government.

Almost all the Communities in the Province prepared food stuff to the poor in their homes; a few bought materials to produce face masks and hand sanitizers. News of the efforts of the Sisters spread to those who were in the farm; those who returned to the villages told their story of how they have encountered God who is good and caring through the kindness of the Daughters of Charity. This has attracted more crowd; phone calls and online messages are sent to the Daughters of Charity to come to people’s help and it is becoming overwhelming.

With this little gesture, we have been able to reach out to about 7,830 persons including children in Nigeria, Ghana and Burkina Faso. We thank God for giving us the opportunity to put smiles on the faces of many people and we equally thank our collaborators and donors who have supported our response. The sharing is still in progress, it is ongoing because the poor must be served. May the Providence of God anticipate us as we reach out to those living in poverty!

Sr. Theresa EKE, DC


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