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Senior citizens

Now that I am old and grey-haired, God, do not desert me, till I have proclaimed your strength to generations still to come.

(Ps 71:18)

Weaving intergenerational ties

In the Bible, the elderly are a symbol of wisdom and a sign of God’s blessing; in our world, they are rejected and abandoned by their families. After a long and productive life, many of them live totally alone, without friends, ill and with an income that is not sufficient to provide for their basic needs. Because of their physical limitations, they are unable, without help, to seek spiritual guidance and friendship, to go to church or to attend group meetings that would give them the opportunity to talk, to listen and to share with others.

Inspired by their Founders, the Daughters of Charity respect the dignity and the wisdom of the elderly and offer them love and understanding in the many ways they serve them. World-wide, the Sisters care for elderly people in:

  • their own homes,
  • residential care situations,
  • parishes.

In concrete terms

Today we serve as follows



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Senior citizens

Migrants and refugees

Prisoners of liberty

People with disabilities

People with some dependency

Migrants and refugees