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Saint Nicholas, please, be my protector and guide to heaven!

December 25, 2020

Let’s start with a short story about Saint Nicholas, the Bishop of Myra…

Saint Nicholas of Myra is not a fictional character. He really lived and is one of the most powerful saints in the Church to this day. According to tradition, he was of Greek origin. He was born around the year 260 -270, during the time of the Roman Empire. From an early age he was famous for his generosity.

Saint Nicholas became the bishop of Myra, a city whose ruins are now located near the Turkish town of Demre. He won the hearts of the faithful not only with his great pastoral zeal but also his sensitivity to their material needs. He was a defender of faith, he converted people to the Faith, and because he also performed miracles, he was considered a saint during his lifetime.

Saint Nicholas is also a perfect example of a priest who loves God and his neighbor, an example of a man who trusts God completely and stands up for justice. Today, Saint Nicholas teaches us how to perform works of mercy.

Last December 7, “Saint Nicholas” visited the children in the Sisters’ Nursery. He had a beautiful red robe, a miter – a unique headdress, a crosier, a long, white beard, and a large sack on his back… As always, his cheerful and merry spirit was passed on not only to the children but also to the Sisters and the Staff. The event was held in a joyful atmosphere; there was singing and a lot of fun. He presented everyone with gifts and assured everyone that… he is going to visit them again next year. He also left us a beautiful prayer:

Saint Nicholas, please, be my protector and guide to heaven. Enlighten me and grant me the gift of counsel in my doubts, strength and bravery in temptations and adversities. Direct my steps, lead my hands to good deeds, and kindle my heart and will to love God and my neighbor. Help me to serve God faithfully to the end, as you served Him. Amen.