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Prisoners of liberty

Come, blessed of my Father, receive the inheritance of the kingdom prepared for you from the creation of the world. Because… I was in jail and you came to see me..

(Mt 25:34-36)

A new opportunity

St. Vincent de Paul was Chaplain-General of the Galleys in Paris where he was able to prevent many abuses of the galley slaves. These prisoners were treated like animals, without any spiritual or physical support or contact with their families.

As soon as he could, he sent the Daughters of Charity to serve them: they brought them food, healed their wounds and offered them some spiritual comfort that could lead them to God. This project was very daring and dangerous for those times in history, but it was also very successful.

True to their origins, the Daughters of Charity continue the mission of visiting those deprived of their freedom and helping them to change their lives. Like Jesus, we believe that everyone deserves a new chance, so we offer not only spiritual guidance, but also reintegration into society.

To achieve this, some Sisters and communities serve them in:

  • Prison kitchens
  • Prison infirmaries
  • Classes for inmates
  • Reception centers
  • Visits to prisoners
  • Maintaining contact with the families of those deprived of their liberty

In concrete terms

Today we serve



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Senior citizens

Migrants and refugees

Prisoners of liberty

People with disabilities

People with some dependency

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