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July 23, 2021

Website Team with the Superioress General and the Councilor General

From the 19th to the 23th of July, at the Mother – House of the Daughters of Charity in Paris is taking place the annual meeting of the members of the Website of the Company. Two members of the Team (from the Philippines and Mozambique) couldn’t reach Paris because of the restriction of the corona pandemic but they were able to work with the other members of the Team via Video conference.

The Meeting started with a common prayer (via live streaming) and reminded the thoughts of Mother Elizondo when the Website of the Company started: “We wish to use the website to promote a culture of dialogue, participation and solidarity in the service of the Company… Internet is an excellent tool to be the voice of the voiceless in the world.”

An important topic of the meeting is the preparation of the General Assembly of the Daughters of Charity that will take place at the month of October and November 2021. The Team is preparing the public and the private section of the Website and is dealing with technical and organizational issues.

Another issue is the scheduling of the monthly contributions of each member of the Team for the next coming months.

The Team was able to clarify many questions during an interview with the Superioress General, Sr. Françoise Petit and the General Councilor, Sr. Maria Teresa Mueda, on the penultimate day.

Even though we are a small Team of Sisters we try to do our best in this service of our “Little Company” as we said in the opening prayer:

“Lord, show us how to conduct our work with a spirit of joy and enthusiasm… Help us to work together and encourage each other to excellence. … We ask it in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.”