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Refugees and migrants

…I was a stranger, and you welcomed me…

(Mt 25:35)

Recognizing the face of the Holy Family in each refugee family

In the time of our Founders, wars led to the exodus of thousands of people of all ages and social classes to Paris. Monsieur Vincent did everything in his power to relieve these people in distress and offer them his tender care.

Today, hunger, natural disasters, totalitarian and corrupt regimes and global conflicts have contributed to an increase in the number of displaced people, including families in search of a better life, work and housing. Their dream of a dignified existence often turns into a nightmare.

They arrive with no money, no contacts, no accommodation and no knowledge of the language. They may have gone into debt to pay unscrupulous smugglers. Their isolation makes them easy targets for profiteers who violate their rights. They may end up committing crimes.

Inspired by the Word of God, we recognize in them the presence of the Holy Family in its exile in Egypt and we participate in the defense and respect of the rights of migrants and refugees, in their protection and promotion.

We offer them:

  • friendly support to facilitate their adjustment
  • basic resources
  • assistance in legal procedures
  • accommodations
  • language courses
  • help finding housing